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High temperature use of glass wool

release time:2017-01-16 10:09:50
High temperature use of glass wool
I believe many people know, glass wool is a kind of building material used widely in the construction industry, through its superb processing technology, has its own unique advantages, the related experiments, when the glass wool for use in high temperature environment, the general will advance on the surface of welding equipment on the rivets, and then glass cotton bundled in the surface of the device with wire, when the insulation equipment at the temperature above 250 DEG C, should pay attention to the best use of thermal insulation double, but also pay attention to the interface of two layers of inner and outer glass wool from the appropriate distance, to avoid heat loss; however, when the temperature is over 400 DEG C, to the attention of aluminum the thickness of the inner layer silicate, the outer layer is made of the high temperature resistant glass wool, two outer layers should also pay attention to the distance, the last in the outer package, to a certain extent Not only to protect the glass wool, but also played a certain role in the decoration.
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