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Rock wool insulation materials and construction methods

release time:2017-01-16 10:08:50
1, mortar rock wool board back the entire perimeter daub appropriate width and thickness (the special rock wool board adhesive mortar I ho Peng production), and then the middle part of a certain number of evenly, certain thickness, diameter of circular bonding points 100mm, paste the total area of not less than 40%; the building is 60m or above paste, total area should not be less than 60%;
2, the rock wool board with bottom mortar paving, laying along the horizontal direction of long wool board paste;
3, vertical joints should be staggered by 1/2 plate length or more than 20mm;
4, in the corner of two side rock wool board shall be staggered stubble lap, and ensure the verticality of the corner;
5, if the rock wool board joint width more than 1.5mm, with the appropriate width of the rock wool strip seam filling full, no adhesive strip. For external wall thermal insulation rock wool board paste, must be in accordance with the above requirements of construction steps to strict construction, do a good job in every construction step, so as to prevent rock wool board off phenomenon.
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