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Construction technology of rock wool insulation

release time:2017-01-16 10:07:43
Rock wool insulation construction technology requirements, a basis for the preparation of "rock wool board exterior insulation system application specification", "civil building thermal design code" GB 50176 "building energy-efficient construction quality acceptance" GB 50411 "building decoration engineering quality acceptance" GB 50210 use: exterior wall and roof insulation, construction preparation materials 1 two preparation: hydrophobic rock wool board used in this project, specifications, thickness and density, meets the requirements of design drawings, according to the time schedule requirements, according to the agreed materials brand, model order, according to the project progress by batch approach, and to provide Party A, material certificate, warranty and inspection information supervisor. The 2 major construction equipment and tools: basket or scaffolding, mortar mixer, hand-held electric mixer, special cutting tools, angle grinder, common plastering plastering tools and special inspection tools, impact drill, hammer, hammer, theodolite and line tools, an automatic marking instrument, plastic hose, flat screwdriver, art knives, arrows, wire cartridges, 2m ruler, ruler feeler, etc.. Three, construction conditions 1 construction environment, substrate and the temperature of the use of materials should not be less than 5 degrees C. 2 should not be in the construction of wind or sun exposure, in order to avoid the loss of material in the construction process is too fast and appear cracks. 3 pay attention to changes in the weather, when the material has not hardened to avoid rain erosion. 4 the basic requirements of the building: 1) the humidity should not be higher than the humidity of the environment. 2) the wall surface shall not have stains, dirt and oil. 3) the wall should have enough strength, the wall surface has sufficient adhesion (more than 0.3N/m square meters) without cracking and hollowing. 4) the flatness of the wall, the verticality should reach "engineering concrete structure construction quality acceptance" (GB50204-2002) and "masonry construction quality acceptance" (GB20203-2002) requirements. 5) accurate and complete to avoid digging holes after insulation construction. Before the construction of the external insulation project, the doors and windows of the external doors and windows should be checked and accepted, the size and position of the hole shall meet the design requirements and quality requirements. The rain on the outer surface of the pipe, pre buried iron equipment, pipe wall shall be installed, the location and the window should be reserved for the thickness of the insulation layer. 6) the design and other construction should take into account the thickness of the external insulation system and the appearance of the construction. Four, the construction process of 1 base wall treatment should meet the following requirements: 1) the base surface should be clean, no oil, wax, release agent, paint, weathering, dirt, dirt and other cream, the bonding between the materials. 2) the base should be solid, the surface roughness allowed deviation 4mm. The local uplift, hollowing, loose and prevent pollutants bond should be removed, with 2 adhesive mortar, the ratio should be: 1) and the production process in strict accordance with the supplier in the field. 2) or adhesive mortar dry powder directly into the appropriate amount of water, with a special electric blender mix, to achieve required consistency. 3) each time should not be too much, depending on the environmental conditions of temperature control in 2H or within the time specified in the product specification. 3 paste wool board requirements: 1) paste rock wool board, rock wool board should first check whether the surface is dry, moist, smooth and neat; the surface is not smooth, rock wool board pollution shall not be used for engineering.
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