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External wall insulation construction program

release time:2017-01-16 10:07:18
A project overview for external wall thermal insulation rock wool insulation wall. Two, the construction process, 1 primary interface treatment: the wall should be cleaned up, cleaning oil, dust cleaning etc.. Wall loosening, weathering part should be removed clean. When the surface of the wall is larger than 10mm, it should be removed. In order to make the interface adhesion and homogeneity of the basic level, the wall should be treated with the interface, and the interface mortar can be uniformly coated with a spray gun or a roller brush, so as to ensure that all the walls can be treated by the interface. Brick, aerated concrete wall to water wetting in the interface before plugging foot hand eye and abandoned hole, should be the debris, dust and clean water, and then use 1:3 cement mortar to be filled with yan.
2, hanging vertical line of control, according to the height of the building to determine the line, the wall on both sides of Arcturus, the door window, with a theodolite linear for vertical, low carbon steel wire tension and find the rules, the horizontal line can be based on the floor elevation upward 500mm line horizontal reference line of ring control. According to the vertical line and the insulation thickness of each frame on both sides of the line of control angle missile to pull through the line level, mark block. 3, installation: rock wool board (box sticking method + expanding bolt anchorage)
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