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Hebei Hao Yuan thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. selects the core of talent lies in the "moral" and "only" dialectical choice. "Morality" refers to people's ideological quality and moral conduct. Germany is the commander in chief, decided to play the role of direction; is the support of Germany, affecting the scope of the role of germany. Compared with before, Germany is always the first. Hao Yuan believes that "virtuous and talented as genuine, Youde not only for substandard goods, without virtue as waste, talent without virtue for drugs", this concept explains the virtuous and talented people in Hao Yuan value, not only virtuous people value the man without virtue not the value of the talented people without virtue value destruction.
In the actual talent selection, Hao Yuan first strive to create an open, fair and impartial atmosphere, always adhere to the standards of have both ability and political integrity, to Germany, is making use of the premise to germany. There is only one, to reuse; not only virtuous, the use of training; talent without virtue, limited employment; without virtue, resolute don't, will ultimately be an officer to have a chance to do nothing, who has the stage talent environment.
Companies rely on staff development, staff of enterprises rely on business. We regard employees as the most valuable resources of enterprises, focusing on personal growth and love in life, work, as long as they are willing and able to work hard for the enterprise, and actively contribute to the needs of enterprises. In the selection of talent, is the first to consider the staff knowledge and skills and the job to make them achieve the best combination, to maximize each employee's expertise and ability and provide reasonable compensation, complete welfare safeguard, make employees happy life, work satisfaction. We always believe that the satisfaction of the staff before they have satisfied customers, employees and enterprises to make common development.
Employment principle: loyalty, enterprising, responsibility, team, play, mutual help
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