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     Hebei Hao Yuan Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of centrifugal glass wool business. Company is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, east of Huanghua Port 80 km, South Langcang high-speed and 307 State Road 2 km west of 104 National Road 7 km away from the Beijing-Shanghai railway and expressways were 10,20 km. Rail, road, sea are very convenient.  
    Glass wool companies use the world's most advanced centrifugal injection process. With large output, stable quality, low energy consumption, fiber fine and soft, good elasticity, and so on. Widely used in chemical industry, construction industry, insulation, insulation and sound-absorbing, is an important environmental protection and energy saving building materials.
      The company uses advanced production equipment, using a 48 square meters kiln, with two Nissan 80 tons of production lines, with an annual output capacity of up to 25,000 tons. The company has advanced performance testing, physical testing equipment. Strong technical force, with the domestic first-class professional and technical personnel, have many years of experience in business management and sales staff, to provide customers with the best service to provide a strong guarantee of resources.
      Companies adhere to the user first, quality first, to serve as its purpose, adhere to the economic and social benefits of the principle of equal efforts to customer service.

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